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Top 10 Ways of Losing Your Lover | Sankaku Complex

Japanese men and women quizzed about the top reasons their amorous relationships are cut short supply a ranking which may just be very handy – for those Japanese who are lucky enough to be able to get themselves into a relationship in the first place, at any rate…

The ranking:

1. You’re too restricting

2. You cool off quickly if they differ from your ideals

3. You try to push your values on them

4. You concentrate too much on trivialities

5. You don’t listen to your partner

6. You soon tire of their personality

7. You are always negative in your appraisals of them

8. Your emotional ups-and-downs are extreme

9. You express your gratitude and favour to them ineptly

10. You date them despite not actually liking them

Less cited reasons included “feigning friendliness,” “being too absorbed in your hobbies,” and of course “not calling,” “not spending enough time together” and “spending all your time with your same-sex friends.”

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