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Avatar mirrors users facial expressions in real-time using a standard webcam #DigInfo - YouTube hatsune miku

Technology which allows a virtual avatar to mirror the facial expressions of a user using only a webcam has lately been making an impression on gamers – as has the fact that the Japanese researchers who developed it naturally saw fit to immediately employ it in mapping themselves to none other than virtual angel Hatsune Miku…

Although Miku fans are naturally more than a little excited, the real impact is sure to be on MMORPGs and other multiplayer titles – promising as it does a great leap forward in how well gamers can expect to interact with creepy guys pretending to be cute girls…

Meanwhile, those whose only care is seeing more of the Miku featured in the video need only head on over to her previous article – how the researchers plan to map her ahegao expression to themselves can only be guessed at.

via sankaku
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