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March 29 2012

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10,000 Guitar Picks - YouTube mgm

March 12 2012


Top 10 Ways of Losing Your Lover | Sankaku Complex

Japanese men and women quizzed about the top reasons their amorous relationships are cut short supply a ranking which may just be very handy – for those Japanese who are lucky enough to be able to get themselves into a relationship in the first place, at any rate…

The ranking:

1. You’re too restricting

2. You cool off quickly if they differ from your ideals

3. You try to push your values on them

4. You concentrate too much on trivialities

5. You don’t listen to your partner

6. You soon tire of their personality

7. You are always negative in your appraisals of them

8. Your emotional ups-and-downs are extreme

9. You express your gratitude and favour to them ineptly

10. You date them despite not actually liking them

Less cited reasons included “feigning friendliness,” “being too absorbed in your hobbies,” and of course “not calling,” “not spending enough time together” and “spending all your time with your same-sex friends.”

February 14 2012

via Top 10 Cutest Things Guys Do On Dates | Sankaku Complex

The advent of Valentine’s Day has prompted this poll of Japanese women, asking them what they think the cutest habits of men on dates are, which may come as a small relief to those men embarrassed by the realisation that their companion noticed them in the first place…

The ranking:

1. He blushes when you hold hands

2. He can’t meet your eye

3. He keeps withdrawing and replacing his hand when you go to hold hands

4. He fumbles your name

5. He’s nervous about having sweaty palms and so wipes them on his trousers

6. He starts walking awkwardly

7. He always wears glasses, but suddenly changes to contacts…

8. He couldn’t sleep the night before, and so shows up tired

9. He walked ahead of you but actually gets flustered when he loses his way

10. He appears clad in all-new clothing

February 12 2012

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100 jahre in 10 minuten | 100 YEARS IN 10 MINUTES - YouTube

February 11 2012

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Naruto Shippuden Opening 10 - YouTube

currently my new favorite song for some reason

January 24 2012

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10 Misconceptions Rundown - YouTube

That last one... You bastard!

January 05 2012

jesus nur noch 10 kilo
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January 04 2012

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100 Years in 10 Minutes (1911 - 2011 in 10 Minutes) - YouTube
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December 16 2011

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Kids under 10 mass hockey teams fight - YouTube

December 08 2011


Top 10 Anime Girls You Want To Spend Christmas Eve With | Sankaku Complex

Otaku have been voting on which anime girl they most fancy spending their Christmas Eve with – or, in other words, who they would most like to have hot December sex with, as Japan’s twisted version of Christmas is noted for dumping its traditional significance as the year’s premier retail event in favour of sleazy love hotel sex.

The ranking:

1. Taneshima Popura (Working!!)

2. Tamura Manami (Ore no Imouto)

3. Ikaros (Sora no Otoshimono)

4. Asahina Mikuru (Haruhi)

5. Nagato Yuki (Haruhi)

6. Haruhi Suzumiya) (Haruhi)

7. Kousaka Tamaki (To Heart 2)

8. Erica Hartmann (Strike Witches)

9. Morishima Haruka (Amagami SS)

10. Nymph (Sora no Otoshimono)

November 27 2011


Top 10 Things Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want You Asking About | Sankaku Complex

Japanese women quizzed about the which aspects of their relationship history they would much rather avoid being asked about are none too subtle in decrying questions about their ex’s sexual proclivities as “bad manners” and “overly embarassing.”

The ranking, based on a sample of Japanese ladies in their twenties:

1. About sex with your ex (42.8%)

2. How many men you’ve dated so far (25.6%)

3. About your memories of your ex (17.8%)

4. Regarding why you broke up with him (17.5%)

5. Questions about his history (15%)

6. How you feel about him now (13.4%)

7. As to whether you are still in touch with him (13.1%)

8. Where you went on a date with him (9.1%)

9. How you met him (6.6%)

10. What his occupation was (5.6%)

November 26 2011

10 points to gryffindor
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November 23 2011

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Top 10 der besten Streiche! - YouTube
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