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November 07 2012


November 06 2012

windows 8 in japan - rest of the world - mine
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via Best Guy Wins - Scandinavia and the World

You know it'll happen. XD

And illustation of a joke [link] made as a response to my tweet about the election. [link]
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November 01 2012

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Reporter Ian Mendes gets beaned at World Series - YouTube
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The World in 2 Minutes: Japan - YouTube wtf japan seriously
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October 29 2012

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新谷良子 (Ryoko Shintani) Wonderful World PV - YouTube a japanese song per day
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October 28 2012

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The Toughest Bridge In The World - YouTube - undefeatable bridge
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October 26 2012

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World smallest V12 engine - YouTube
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October 21 2012

via Golden Dawn - Scandinavia and the World

Paris was very beautiful, but the smell of urine just saturated the place. When I talked about it on the internet a few people responded with, "Even the airport smells like pee :C"
I have no idea what the Frenchmen are up to at night, but it must be fun. XD

Technically the flag on Brother France should be mirrored because we see him from the back, but no doubt people wouldn't notice and keep asking me why it was the wrong way.
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October 17 2012

top of the world - bitch please
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via All Work and No Play - Scandinavia and the World

After the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 the Scandinavian countries took good care of the Hungarian refugees, and the Hungarians were so grateful for all the help that they worked extra hard and only had short breaks so they could pay the Scandinavians back. Unfortunately it made the other workers look bad, so it had to be explained to them that they had to rest more and relax a bit. The Hungarians were amazed that they were told to just sit around and eat food and drink beer and thought they had gone to heaven. XD

I asked a Hungarian what the Hungarians stereotypically looked like, and he said, "He should have an impressive moustache! We are famous for our mustaches!" so that us why he ended up like this.
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October 14 2012

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First World Problems - YouTube
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October 11 2012

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The World in 2 Minutes: Jamaica - YouTube
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October 08 2012

via Fangirls - Scandinavia and the World

Oh, get a room you two!

America is super popular in Japan, and Japan is super popular in America, though most everyday people in either country don't know this.

I talked to a Japanese woman who told me that when she went to USA everything felt so familiar because they watched so many American movies in Japan and she almost felt at home, but when she went to Europe she had no idea what to do with herself.
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October 01 2012

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WORLD ORDER "PERMANENT REVOLUTION" - YouTube wtf japan seriously

September 29 2012

Size matters - Scandinavia and the World

I wasn't planning on posting a comic about this yet, but people have spammed me with the "ÆØÅ (Size Matters)" song so much that I thought I might as well post it now to let people know that yes, I have seen it.

(Before you click the link, know that the song isn't about who has the biggest alphabet in the world, but simply about the Norwegians desperately looking for something they have that's bigger than what USA has) [link]

September 28 2012

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Action Adventure World Super Mario Land - YouTube rap

September 18 2012

playing the tiniest violin in the world - reaction gif spongebob
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via Multi Language - Scandinavia and the World

I was highly amused when an American told me he wanted to be more worldly by leaning languages and listed Irish as one of them. I know there's a few words that's different, but it still sounded funny.

EDIT: Okay so he probably meant Irish Gaelic, but then say Irish Gaelic. You'd be surprised by how little I know about languages so it helps to be specific. ;)
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via Drama Bear Returns - Scandinavia and the World

Remember Drama Bear? [link]
It will keep causing drama for as long as it lives. [link]

Sorry about all the one panel comics. I'm not feeling well and have a lot to do, so you'll have to put up with a few week more. Sorry again.
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