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November 01 2012

The frogs from Meoto Iwa - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Okitama Shrine, Ise

On the beach of the city of Ise, right near the Meoto Iwa “wedded rocks”, there is a little shrine featuring a large number of statues representing… frogs. This unusual shrine is dedicated to Sarutahiko Ōkami, a kami who is guiding people into balance with the divine nature and at the same time a god for safety transportation.

But what’s with all these frogs? Well, because the Japanese word for frog - kaeru - is a homonym for the word meaning “return home", the frog became considered the messenger of Sarutahiko. So the shrine is surrounded by a lot of uniquely shaped (and quite funny) stone frogs and it also sells good luck charms for “safe return", of course, made in the shape of little frogs…

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December 16 2011

save the fucking frogs
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