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May 09 2012

fuck the police - reaction
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May 02 2012

police pulling by her slip - gif
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April 26 2012

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Film Report: Tokyo Gore Police  - YouTube wtf
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April 25 2012

lol wall slide skateboarder flipping off police - gif
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backshot police girl - anime ecchi

April 09 2012

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fake police car - YouTube
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April 06 2012

sexy vs police state
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March 26 2012

police knock bitch over - gif
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March 24 2012

piss on police car
Tags: piss on police car
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March 02 2012

pink cuffs police officer
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February 29 2012

dressed as police car awkward moment
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Police interview chief suspect in train sex party - YouTube nma

February 24 2012

picking out the right person out of an asian police line
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February 10 2012

0305 c66f 600
pickpocketing police officer
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February 09 2012

via police officer chased himself
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January 23 2012

the beer police
Tags: the beer police
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January 20 2012


Police Hunt Man for Calling Schoolgirl “Cute” | Sankaku Complex

Police have warned the public about a man who called a schoolgirl cute.

The incident occurred at 11:20AM in the Osaka suburb of Izumisano, when a passing middle-school girl encountered a stranger in the street who told her she looked “cute.”

The miscreant is described as being in his twenties, wearing a black jumper and of light build.

As always, police advice schoolgirls to carry an alarm and sound it if they encounter any suspicious person.

Whilst previous incidents have included such gems as men being reported to police for walking in the street or asking for directions, online there is some suspicion about the motives of a man who approaches random schoolgirls in order to comment on how adorable they are....

January 12 2012

via Chinese Gangster’s Jailbreak Humiliates Police | Sankaku Complex

Police think he easily scaled the exercise yard’s 2.6m high wall, and then cunningly climbed over the scaffolding covering the prison’s single 3-8m high perimeter wall, which was undergoing extensive construction work and evidently not under very thorough supervision.

His escape came to light after guards noticed he was absent from an exercise roll call, and a member of the public reported seeing a figure getting up from the ground outside the prison and fleeing the site, which is in the midst of a residential neighbourhood.

The entire escape took under 10 minutes; police say none of the facility’s cameras managed to record his actual escape as it took place in a blind spot, and there were no cameras at all monitoring the perimeter wall.

98 cameras were being monitored by a single warden, who did not notice anything was amiss until he rechecked the footage after the incident was already over. A single camera recorded someone poking his head out of a man-sized gap between two buildings.

The prison “regrets the fact that we left blind spots in the camera coverage.”

An alarm system was present at the perimeter wall, but it had been turned off whilst construction was ongoing. He simply avoided other alarms in the facility.

He was clad in white prison scrubs when he escaped, but left them at the wall and ran off in his underwear with no money – although as the prison is surrounded by dense housing, obtaining fresh clothing is unlikely to be challenging.

He is believed to be a member of the “Dragons,” a Japanese ethnic Chinese criminal gang with yakuza and pachinko industry connections.

As well as attempted murder and various weapons offences, he is thought to have been behind ¥68,000,000 in thefts from 9 pachinko parlours and post offices from 2004-5.

Hiroshima police have already mobilised 160 officers to hunt for him, although as he looks like virtually every other craggy middle-aged Japanese male they have received a deluge of sightings but no actual useful information.

Police suspect he will be able to receive assistance from his gang, further complicating his recapture.

Local authorities have been driven into a frenzy of panic, with police issuing their highest priority wanted level and 92 local schools ordering all pupils to make their way to and from school in groups, in case he mysteriously decides to attack any children.

Those less crazed with panic at the thought of an evil Chinese monster on the loose have been wondering just how the prison managed to let one of its wards climb over a wall and away, and on a more basic level why they had to situate a prison in the middle of a densely populated residential neighbourhood in the first place.

December 25 2011


Police Hunt Man For Walking in Street | Sankaku Complex

Osaka police are hunting a man for walking on the same street as a schoolgirl, whilst wearing a mask.

The police advisory warns that an Osaka middle school girl was unfortunate enough to encounter a suspicious man as she was on her way home at 6PM.

She reported the man, helpfully describing him as “over 20, of medium build, with short black hair and wearing a black sweater, white gloves and a white mask.”

Police advise the public to dial 110 should they see this man or any other suspicious persons, and to carry emergency buzzers.


Osaka police’s famous advisories are fast becoming the stuff of legend:

“So it’s finally come to this.”

“What a horrible world we live in.”

“What a dangerous individual!”

“You lot!”

“So now just walking down the street is suspicious…”

“You can’t even walk in the street with a mask now?”

“He was reported for wearing winter clothes?”

“You’ll be reported just for breathing in public…”

“At least write what it was that was suspicious about them.”

“White gloves are a little suspicious.”

“It doesn’t actually say if he was wearing trousers.”

“Just how are you supposed to avoid being reported?”

“So now just being a man is a crime.”

“At least they aren’t exposing their faces online yet.”

“What are we, Jews living under the Third Reich?”

“The UN ought to investigate Japan’s discrimination against men.”

“This girl is going to be busy falsely accusing men of groping her on the train when grows up, isn’t she?”

“Oh come on, he obviously just had a cold.”

“Why don’t those useless human rights whiners actually do something about this stuff.”

“You could always try dressing up as a woman.”

“Where is this country headed…”

December 16 2011

planking on police car FAIL
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