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Competition: Creative Photo Of Expression | Photoshop Disasters

Last week we gave you the challenge of designing a creative photo that illustrates an expression of your choice, like "two-faced", "caught red handed.". We got a bunch of entries and decided to post our top 4 that were submitted.

1. Happy as Larry

created by My Friend Larry

Gotta love that ear ring and the UFOs in the background.

2. Drunk As A Lord

created by Violaine & Trypode - 20tage

Doesn't that vomit make you want to vomit? What's happening within the guy in the middles head.

3. Virgin Territory

created by Andre

No PSD competition would be complete without a VS model and an oversized bottle of perfume. 

4. Finding Your Feet

created by Kayleigh

I'm sure we can all relate to this. Great work Kayleigh.

Thanks everyone for the awesome and sometimes very strange submissions. I will follow up with the winners.
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