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via China “Builds 30-Storey Hotel in 15 Days” | Sankaku Complex


“It’s probably another building made of styrofoam.”

“If it falls down, they’ll just bury it – like their trains.”

“Expect them to bury you along with it when it falls over.”

“They say not a single worker was injured making it – doubtless they sacked them the instant they got injured.”

“I’m reminded of those photographs of made in China apartments which just broke off at the foundations and fell over intact.”

“I recalled that luxury passenger ship which sunk on launch.”

“I wouldn’t live in it for free.”

“I don’t see how a 15 day building time is something you’d want to advertise to customers…”

“Well, with prefabs it is quite possible to do this with 1-2 storeys. But is it possible with 30?”

“The building is just for paper investing, it doesn’t need electrics or plumbing or anything like that.”

“Live fast, take the money and run before the bubble bursts!”

“Certified by the China Academy of Building Research… Magnitude 9…”

“Forget earthquakes, this’ll fall over in a high wind.”

“Personally, I think it will explode.”

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