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via Boss and her boys by *humon on deviantART

The comics [link]

Two guys you haven't met before. The Asian guy is Boss' secretary, so he's just known as The Secretary. He is a fully educated agent though, so he'll double as a bodyguard as well if ever needed.

The guy next to him is Agent 224, a character that has been around for a long time in my head, but I never did anything with him. He and Agent 300 used to hit the town and pick up women together, which was really all their friendship was about. So he of course have mixed feelings about 300's new relationship, but that's for another comic.
(He looks like Niels here, I know. I need to work more on him)

And poor Robert is offering himself up because he dreams of being an agent, which is never ever going to happen.

Of course I couldn't just make a silly fanservise picture. I had to put a bit of hidden meaning in there that shows how highly Boss think of the individual Agents and how much freedom they are allowed before their actions have consequences. ^^;
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