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Hello Kitty Miyajima store -  via A Japan Photo per Day -

Hello Kitty Store, Miyajima

From little children, like the girl in this photo, to grown-ups, a lot of people love Hello Kitty… and I know a few who even have Hello Kitty collections. So I learned that there are Hello Kitty dolls that can be found only in a certain country. My first Hello Kitty doll was marked “for sale in Japan only", and since then I became attentive to Hello Kitty stores, looking for the Japan-only dolls, especially those dressed in yukata or kimono…

Surprisingly, the best store I found until now wasn’t located in a large city. It was on the Miyajima island, on the street lined with souvenir shops that connects the ferry station to the Itsukushima Shrine…

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