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Kinryu Ramen Restaurant - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Kinryu Ramen Restaurant, Namba, Osaka

If you visit Osaka, one of the must see places is Dotonbori, a street from the Namba district, well know as a paradise for gourmands. Once you get there, it will be impossible not to stop and admire all the extravagant billboards and signs.

One of the most beautiful billboards is a huge dragon with a funny face - this will surely draw you in! This chain of restaurants is called Kinryu Ramen (Golden Dragon Ramen) and it is famous for its tonkotsu ramen (don’t confuse it with tonkatsu, tonkotsu is pork broth), a specialty from Kyushu.

There are no less than three Kinryu Ramen restaurants on Dotonbori, plus the one from this photo, located on a side street, which I selected because I especially liked the dragon…

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