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World's longest suspended monorail - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Chiba Urban Monorail, Chiba

With 10 currently operating monorail systems and many other experiments and discontinued lines, Japan is probably the country with the highest density of monorails in the world. Among them, three lines are each holding a world record: The Ueno Zoo Monorail was the first zoo monorail in the world, the Tokyo Monorail is at the same time the busiest and the most successful monorail line in the world, while the monorail from Chiba is the world’s longest suspended monorail.

With its two lines, the Chiba Urban Monorail - that’s the complete name - has a total length of 15.2 kilometers, with 18 stations. And there are chances that it will grow even longer in the near future, since there are projects to expand the line with 2 more kilometers…

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