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February 15 2012


February 02 2012

via Cuddle Time by *humon on deviantART

I finally got to take pictures of Ranger and Yankee being cute and cuddely, and then they decided to finish it off with a shag. Damn cats.

Well, I told you they had become good friends. And they have only known each other for three days. :XD:
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February 01 2012

via Good Start by *humon on deviantART

Posh had to be put down because of illness (and it didn't work out with the lady cat I had over for a week or so), so I bought a new cat at the cat shelter. When I got there they asked what kind of cat I was looking for and I said, "An indoor cat that isn't aggressive with other cats, because the one I have at home is very gentle and he gets confused when other cats hiss at him"
"Then I have just the cat for you" the woman said and showed me Yankee.

I've always said that Ranger was extraordinary gentle with other cats, but he is nothing compared to Yankee. They weren't lying at the shelter when they said he was one of a kind. When I got Yankee home and let him out of the cat carrier he walked straight over to Ranger and pushed his head up against Ranger's in the classic cat-hello, licked him between the eyes and walked into the living room. Ranger gave me the most confused look I have ever seen on a cat. :XD:

Already the day after they were licking each other's fur and doing their first attempts at playing, though Ranger still thinks they should take it a bit slow. So far so good. :D
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January 29 2012

via Sexuality Flags by *humon on deviantART

A very quick one to just get the idea out of my system. Some of the flags aren't really official for the sexuality, so I decided to just use the most widespread.

When I found out that most sexualities have flags I thought, "Hm, I'm hetero. What does my flag look like?" I looked it up, and what do I get? Prison stripes!?
I always thought the heterosexual flag was the most boring thing ever compared to the others. There are a few different versions, but they're all supposed to "take the color out of the rainbow flag". No wonder it hasn't caught on. :XD:

EDIT: I know transsexual isn't a sexuality as such, but I also know that I would have a lot of people yelling at me if it wasn't there.
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January 18 2012

via Boss and Agents by *humon on deviantART

The comics [link]

Robert didn't want any of that stupid cake anyway. :/

But yeah, just more silly femdom agents stuff from me. Whatever or not Boss is even into femdom I'll leave to your imagination. She's just easy to use for this sort of thing. XD
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January 15 2012

via Fear the White Dress by *humon on deviantART

I can't sleep, so enjoy my late night drawing.

The man is inspired by this music video [link]
The white girl inspired by this video [link] (Yes, I've linked to it before)
The black girl is from a horror book I read when I was a teenager. Sadly I no longer remember what it was called, but the description of her have hunted me for years.

I had a bizarre nightmare involving these guys a few nights ago. The man is more funny than scary now, but in my dream he was horrifying. ^^;

January 11 2012

via Boss and her boys by *humon on deviantART

The comics [link]

Two guys you haven't met before. The Asian guy is Boss' secretary, so he's just known as The Secretary. He is a fully educated agent though, so he'll double as a bodyguard as well if ever needed.

The guy next to him is Agent 224, a character that has been around for a long time in my head, but I never did anything with him. He and Agent 300 used to hit the town and pick up women together, which was really all their friendship was about. So he of course have mixed feelings about 300's new relationship, but that's for another comic.
(He looks like Niels here, I know. I need to work more on him)

And poor Robert is offering himself up because he dreams of being an agent, which is never ever going to happen.

Of course I couldn't just make a silly fanservise picture. I had to put a bit of hidden meaning in there that shows how highly Boss think of the individual Agents and how much freedom they are allowed before their actions have consequences. ^^;
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January 08 2012

via Abrupt awakening by *humon on deviantART

I wanted people to wonder about Niels' child's gender with him, and from your comments it seemed I succeed so I'm very pleased about that.

Niels has found a good use for his eyepatch. He use it to look more evil when he wants to make people feel uncomfortable. Just pray he doesn't take it off and show you whatever creepy glass eye he use underneath, because that means you're in really deep shit. :XD:

Edit: Yes, he's an ftm (female to male) transgender.
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January 05 2012

via Be careful by *humon on deviantART

Jacob and Nini are going to make sure the friends stay until midnight, play their poker game, and get to enjoy Jacob's naked bits no matter how much they cry.

The idea came by when I was asked if I could draw Jacob and Nini as a butler and sexy maid. But of course. ;)
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January 03 2012

via Cat Meeting by *humon on deviantART

I've been having a bit of an artist block so I made this super quick comic to get myself started.

My tabby cat loves everyone and wants the whole world to be his friend, while my black cat hates everyone, especially the new lady cat.
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December 22 2011

via The Universe by *humon on deviantART

The pictures used
Planets [link] [link] [link]
Woman [link]
Man [link]
Woman's hair [link]
Everything else are from puplic photos.

December 16 2011

via Mysterious Apes by *humon on deviantART

Found this old drawing of the most famous mysterious apes around the world that I did some time ago. I haven't had much time to draw this week so I thought I might as well post it.

From left to right:

Skunk Ape
Said to live in southern states of USA. All the mysterious apes are said to smell bad, but non as bad as the Skunk Ape who apparently smells like "a skunk that had a fight with a dumpster".

Big Foot
Probably the most famous of all the mysterious apes. Lives in the northern parts of USA and was first described by the Native Americans.

Orang Pendek
A very short little guy from Sumatra. This one is actually being taken serious by scientists and there's even groups who tries to preserve the areas it is said to live in because it's believed to be an as-of-yet unknown ape species.

The next most famous of the group. Lives in Himalaya and therefore the most mysterious because of the harsh conditions, not to mention it's relationship with monks and old scrolls.

Rather funny looking creature from Australia with a big stomach and long thin legs. The aboriginals were the first to tell stories about it, and while it is said to be pretty shy (and even silly) most of the time, it has attacked more people than the rest of the group.

December 08 2011

via Sex it up by *humon on deviantART

I'll try to stop now, but it's difficult!

Bara is basically the Japanese version of bear porn: Very manly men having sex all the time, and living in a world where all men are gay and even the women look like they would grow a full beard if they got a chance.

The hot hentai threesome is based on the observation that in hentai women like Natalie are super promiscuous, guys like Niels act like everyone's bitch, and only evil rapists (yes, there are good rapists too in hentai) are bald. XD
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December 04 2011

via Blood Everywhere by *humon on deviantART

Being Niels' bodyguard isn't all fun and beating people up. At least not if you don't know when to shut up.

December 03 2011

via Patchwork Family by *humon on deviantART

Oh Kiddo, you will accomplish great things.

No, Natalie isn't pregnant. You people are obsessed with pregnancy!

About Kiddo's age: I have no idea. He acts accordingly to what I need.
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December 02 2011


November 27 2011

via Girls' Night by *humon on deviantART

It's late and I should not be making comics at this hour. I just end up making dirty jokes about kappas' habit of sharing their "victims" with their friends. Honestly, kappas are horrible horrible creatures. :XD:

I colored this one on computer because I wanted the kappas to have different shades of blue/green/yellow which I can't so with my markers.
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November 23 2011


November 22 2011

via No Charity by *humon on deviantART

You can read all the comics here [link]

I've been wanting to introduce this guy for a long time, and here he finally is. :)

Yay! Niels got a proper glass eye! Mainly because I didn't want him to look like a lord of evil in this one. :XD:

And yes, Drew is from one of the southern states, so he has a bit of dialect but not much.
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November 15 2011

via Worthless by *humon on deviantART

Read the next comic here [link]

Don't show that stuff in Denmark's face if it can't get him drunk!!

We had loads of fun with the English pennies while I was in England. [link] :XD:

And a new font because I've long been wanting to use one that mix better with the drawings. :)
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