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September 01 2012

via The 1000th Japan Photo of the day - Taikobashi reflection - a japan photo per day

Taikobashi, Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine, Osaka

Today, I would like to mark the anniversary of the 1000th photo from the “A Japan Photo per Day” series!
On this occasion, I wanted to show you something special and yesterday, when I was visiting the Sumiyoshi Taisha from Osaka, I found this really special bridge, Taikobashi…

Located between the entrance torii and the main building, Taikobashi (also called Soribashi), shaped like a rainbow, is said to connect our world and the spiritual world…
The original bridge was donated to the shrine 400 years ago by Toyotomi Hideyori (the son of?the famous Toyotomi Hideyoshi) and although it was repaired and rebuilt numerous times, Taikobashi still has the original stone pillars structure.

So today, please enjoy a view that took my breath away, with the Taikobashi beautifully reflected in the water…

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