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January 06 2012

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2011: A Busy Year - YouTube

A look at the videos we made in 2011.

Some statistics!
- 47 total videos (37 not counting announcement videos)
- 17 videos without guns as the main focus
- 20 gun videos
- 400 million views on our videos this year. 3 video views were from North Korea.
- We wasted 1,500 YEARS of humanity's time
- We lost 181,000 subscribers. Luckily we gained 2.1 million!
- The two Mario videos were the two most favorited, liked, and commented videos
- Cereal Killer and Medal of Honor Cat were the two most popular Non-Mario videos!
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December 16 2011

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Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review - YouTube

December 05 2011

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Christmas 2011: gun-toting families and kung fu Santas - YouTube

People will start making other holidays extreme...

...extremely AWESOME!

I love you NMA.

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