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January 03 2013

Japanese customs and traditions - 7 Lucky Gods Pilgrimage - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Hashiba Fudo-in, Asakusa, Tokyo

As I was writing a few days ago, I attended a couple of times to the New Year’s Japanese traditions, starting with the Joya no Kane and continuing with the Hatsumode. But the most special experience was to follow, like many Japanese people, a 7 Lucky Gods New Year’s pilgrimage.

There are many versions of this pilgrimage in Japan, only in Tokyo I know of 20 such routes: groups of Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples from the same neighborhood, each dedicated to at least one of the Lucky Gods, are grouped together in a single route. Visiting all of them can take a couple of hours or more and sometimes it can be quite tricky to find all the locations, even though the area is often marked with especially made maps.
But it is a very rewarding experience if you want to feel the local touch…

Here is a photo taken at one of the temples from the most famous pilgrimage route in Tokyo, the one in Asakusa. The temple is called Hashiba Fudo-in and it is dedicated to Hotei. You can see in front of the temple votive plaques with the 7 Lucky Gods and to the left of the photo you can also see the dedicated map…

November 28 2012

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Delicious Pie And The Value Of Patience - Onion Talks - Ep. 7 - YouTube onion

November 01 2012

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Cosplay Meet 2008 Video 7 - The Worst of YouTube
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Star Wars Episode 7 Official Trailer by NMA - YouTube nma wtf
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August 23 2012

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Sex In A Bottle - Sex House - Ep. 7 - YouTube onion

August 18 2012

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Sync - Episode 7 (by Corridor Digital) - YouTube sync bammo corridordigital

July 20 2012

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Montage: Unboxing the Nexus 7 is fun! - YouTube

Well what would you expect from people that fucking make a documentary on opening fucking boxes...

June 28 2012

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VGHS Behind the Scenes - Ep. 7 - YouTube freddiew bammo

June 25 2012

via Police Arrest Man for Eating 7 Cherries | Sankaku Complex

Police have arrested an elderly man for the heinous crime of picking 7 cherries from a tree, charging him with theft in a crime so shocking it was reported in Japan’s major newspapers and on TV.

The 66-year-old man was spotted one afternoon in Yamagata prefecture picking cherries from a tree in a field by a 64-year-old agricultural worker in a neighbouring field.

She called police, who came rushing to the scene. Upon questioning he admitted picking 7 cherries from the tree, worth a total of ¥200, and was promptly arrested for theft.

He claimed he “ate them because I was hungry.” The 69-year-old owner of the field says that “this year was a poor harvest, so each cherry is precious, but it’s also quite sad if he did this because he was hungry.”

Online there is some debate as to which is more amazing – that police went to the trouble of arresting him, that a crime of this scope found its way into the national media, that they felt the need to report his name (curiously recent cases of shoplifting teachers and police escaped this honour), or that 7 cherries cost all of ¥200.

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May 10 2012

cybering lesb for 7 months - 4chan
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February 12 2012

windows 7 tan - win7 tan ecchi
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