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September 21 2012

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Annoying honker can't share the road - YouTube
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March 05 2012

via Annoying Ghost by *humon on deviantART

The comics [link]

People keep asking me how the hell Agent 300 still has a job considering how much he seem to fuck up and get captured. But he is actually doing an extremely good job, and he would be hard to replace. His main job is to be seen so Niels know some agency is watching him, and 300 has done his job so well so far that Niels has even started to like him, meaning 300 can get away with things that would get others killed.
Unfortunately he has proven to be a bit too receptive to Niels mind games, which is why he got 250.

250 is hired to be 300 "sidekick" who can help him out of dangerous situations, keep him focused, and otherwise stay out of sight for the most part, working behind the scenes.

So Niels absolutely loathes 250. Not just because he's jealous that his toy has been taken away, but also because he rarely has a clue as to where 250 is! He's sick of 250 messing with the wires, locking doors, and hiding in the shadows right next to his men!

The photo I used for the first picture [link]
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