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November 06 2012

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BBQ Eggrolls - Epic Meal Time - YouTube epicmealtime

July 24 2012

bbq ac holder kludge

July 04 2012

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Historically Correct BBQ - YouTube 5sf

The party inevitably took a turn for the worse just a few minutes ago, when one of the British guests looked at an assortment of food and drink on the table, and remarked over how the hosts should have paid more for it. The Americans were so angry, they practically felt like throwing the entire food table off the deck -- and indeed, one of them flicked his potato chip over his shoulder in rage.

April 17 2012

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BBQ Coliseum - Epic Meal Time - YouTube epicmealtime

I heard rumours about MusclesGlasses.... some say he's training in the peaks of Everest... others say he's wrestling bears in the Norther forests of Canada... there were whispers that he is experimenting advanced technology muscle enhancement... word on the street is that he might be on the couch at Tyler's house ordering Chinese food and drink blended bacon. Either way, he'll return when the time is right.

I hope it's soon...

March 27 2012

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BBQ Pie - Epic Meal Time - YouTube
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