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May 31 2012

Fussy Bloke by *humon on deviantART

I would indeed.

So while I tease him a lot about being more fussy about his looks than me, I greatly appreciate that he carries stuff like that around because it means I don't have to.
I wouldn't do it anyway because I can't be bothered and just end up looking like a drowned cat by the end of the day. XD

And I know this will lead to a few "You sure he's straight?" jokes, and yes, I'm very very sure. He's fussy about his looks, but he is such a freaking bloke in most other ways. Besides, nothing worse than a guy who doesn't give crap about his looks.

And yes, we are well aware that he looks a lot like Sweden. So many people commented on it at the last London Expo that he just said "Screw it!" and cosplayed Sweden at this Expo. XD
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