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December 24 2012

via China’s “Sexy Santa” Quite An Eyeful… | Sankaku Complex

China’s latest contribution to the year’s festivities comes in the form of a breezy upskirt Santa, and has been causing something of a stir – although those expecting anything so conventional as a sexy girl dressed as Santa may be sadly disappointed…
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November 13 2012


China’s “Star Gate” Ring Roundly Condemned | Sankaku Complex


China’s latest pork-barrel prestige project will reportedly take the form of a giant ring, but so pointless is the project that it soon found itself the butt of mass Photoshop mockery.

Liaoning province’s 157m tall ring will consume 3000 tons of steel in its construction, and use 12,000 LEDs and an undisclosed amount of electricity in its nocturnal illuminations, but otherwise serves no particular purpose.

Plans to allow bungee jumping off it were abandoned as it was decided it was too dangerous even for China.

Amongst Chinese online the sheer pointlessness of the structure has stirred some speculation about possible uses:


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April 23 2012

MFC - via China’s Fake Brands More Outrageous Than Ever | Sankaku Complex

"MFC - Motherfucking Chicken"
"Chicken on a motherfucking plane!"
"more like, mao's fried chicken"
"MLFC woulda been awesome!"
"Sounds like a restaurant named after the quotes of Samuel L. Jackson.."
"In that case, it should be named GTMFCOMMFP: Get this Mother Fucking Chicken Off My Mother Fucking Plane!"

November 09 2011

via Brave Train Driver Proves China’s Trains “Best in the World” | Sankaku Complex

China’s high speed rail network is the best in the world, with trains capable of safely driving themselves – or so it is hoped, after one shocked Chinese passenger discovered the driver was asleep at the wheel, whilst the train hurtled through the night at 195kph.

The train was en route to Fujian province when a 25-year-old female passenger noticed the driver had left the door to his cabin open as his air conditioning was broken.

To her horror she realised he was sound asleep, and so she naturally took photos of him and uploaded them to a Chinese not-Twitter service.


Coming only a few months after 240 people were killed in a high speed rail accident the government literally attempted to bury, an uproar soon ensued – although not without some wag observing that “this brave driver has proven beyond doubt that China’s high speed rail technology is the best in the world!”
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