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March 05 2012

fix plane china style kludge
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February 14 2012

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February 12 2012

china style cosplay long legs

February 08 2012


China Menaced by Exploding Coins | Sankaku Complex


A small child has reportedly fallen victim to China-quality coinage, with the currency exploding in his hands for reasons unknown.

The exploding money was encountered by a 3-year-old boy in China’s Fujian province, when it blew up in his hands.

According to his mother, he had just learned how to pay for the small rides at local shops, and she had given him a 1 yuan coin for this purpose.

No sooner had she taken her eyes off him as he went to play on the rides than she heard a loud bang and a scream, and came running over to find the boy surrounded by smoke and the remains of the coin on the floor.

The boy escaped with minor burns to his hand.

Similar incidents involving small children, exploding currency and electric vehicles were reported in 2007 and 2008, leading some to speculate that some combination of electrical mishap and dubious coinage may have been at fault.

Online there is some glee at this latest entry to China’s explosive hall of fame:

“Explosive inflation!”

“The bubble is finally bursting!”

“What sort of monetary policy do you call this?”

“What the hell is going on in China…”

“Who could have imagined this?”

“Next up, exploding notes. China, you can do it!”

“How can a lump of iron or nickel explode like this?”

“Fake coins and explosive ingredients… what a country.”

“This is China’s version of a financial big bang.”

“You can only look forward to hearing what will explode next, can’t you?”

February 03 2012


China Menaced by Exploding Sewer | Sankaku Complex


The explosive dangers of China have once again been amply illustrated by this widely circulated video of a manhole cover being blown skywards in a huge explosion, with an unfortunate man being sent flying by the force of the explosive gases released.

The video, which shows a 20kg manhole cover being blown sky high and the man having his clothes blown off and being flung several metres from the blast.


The incident was caused by a sewer gas explosion in China’s Hunan province, and was captured on a security camera.

The man suffered serious burns, but survived, whilst his sons are said to have escaped injury.

The (huge) gif.

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January 29 2012

shakugan no shana china dress

January 23 2012

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January 13 2012

moving office in china
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January 10 2012

via China “Builds 30-Storey Hotel in 15 Days” | Sankaku Complex


“It’s probably another building made of styrofoam.”

“If it falls down, they’ll just bury it – like their trains.”

“Expect them to bury you along with it when it falls over.”

“They say not a single worker was injured making it – doubtless they sacked them the instant they got injured.”

“I’m reminded of those photographs of made in China apartments which just broke off at the foundations and fell over intact.”

“I recalled that luxury passenger ship which sunk on launch.”

“I wouldn’t live in it for free.”

“I don’t see how a 15 day building time is something you’d want to advertise to customers…”

“Well, with prefabs it is quite possible to do this with 1-2 storeys. But is it possible with 30?”

“The building is just for paper investing, it doesn’t need electrics or plumbing or anything like that.”

“Live fast, take the money and run before the bubble bursts!”

“Certified by the China Academy of Building Research… Magnitude 9…”

“Forget earthquakes, this’ll fall over in a high wind.”

“Personally, I think it will explode.”

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December 13 2011

Play fullscreen
"No Girls Born" in China anymore - YouTube NMA

December 09 2011

BREAKING NEWS : Sack Reis in China umgefallen
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November 25 2010


FF14: Attack of the Clones | Sankaku Complex



What is left of the Final Fantasy XIV player-base is expressing alarm at the number of gold-farmers now swarming the servers, already depopulated enough as it is.

Players can’t help but notice that a lot of the “players” seen around actually appear to be mass-generated alts or bots, likely for the purpose of generated in-game currency and items which can then be sold at a substantial profit offline:


Names appear to range from lazy keyboard bashing to nonsense, and of course some distinctly Chinese sounding names are present.

Either Square Enix is either not keen on the idea of wiping out hundreds or thousands of farmers due to the game’s already tiny population, or it simply could not care less about players facing the prospect of having all their kills stolen by Fgjj Fjff and company.

The game’s decline in player numbers appears to have stabilised at around 24,000 players for now:


All this raises the question of just who will be left to buy all this farmed gold…

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