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February 08 2012


China Menaced by Exploding Coins | Sankaku Complex


A small child has reportedly fallen victim to China-quality coinage, with the currency exploding in his hands for reasons unknown.

The exploding money was encountered by a 3-year-old boy in China’s Fujian province, when it blew up in his hands.

According to his mother, he had just learned how to pay for the small rides at local shops, and she had given him a 1 yuan coin for this purpose.

No sooner had she taken her eyes off him as he went to play on the rides than she heard a loud bang and a scream, and came running over to find the boy surrounded by smoke and the remains of the coin on the floor.

The boy escaped with minor burns to his hand.

Similar incidents involving small children, exploding currency and electric vehicles were reported in 2007 and 2008, leading some to speculate that some combination of electrical mishap and dubious coinage may have been at fault.

Online there is some glee at this latest entry to China’s explosive hall of fame:

“Explosive inflation!”

“The bubble is finally bursting!”

“What sort of monetary policy do you call this?”

“What the hell is going on in China…”

“Who could have imagined this?”

“Next up, exploding notes. China, you can do it!”

“How can a lump of iron or nickel explode like this?”

“Fake coins and explosive ingredients… what a country.”

“This is China’s version of a financial big bang.”

“You can only look forward to hearing what will explode next, can’t you?”

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