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November 19 2012

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Cutest Bear Attack EVER ! This is a MUST SEE ! - YouTube
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October 24 2012

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The Cutest Halloween Costumes - YouTube buzzfeed
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September 17 2012


February 14 2012

via Top 10 Cutest Things Guys Do On Dates | Sankaku Complex

The advent of Valentine’s Day has prompted this poll of Japanese women, asking them what they think the cutest habits of men on dates are, which may come as a small relief to those men embarrassed by the realisation that their companion noticed them in the first place…

The ranking:

1. He blushes when you hold hands

2. He can’t meet your eye

3. He keeps withdrawing and replacing his hand when you go to hold hands

4. He fumbles your name

5. He’s nervous about having sweaty palms and so wipes them on his trousers

6. He starts walking awkwardly

7. He always wears glasses, but suddenly changes to contacts…

8. He couldn’t sleep the night before, and so shows up tired

9. He walked ahead of you but actually gets flustered when he loses his way

10. He appears clad in all-new clothing

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