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February 15 2013

Yakatabune Dinner Cruise - via A Japan Photo per Day -


One of the fine things to do when you’re in Japan is a trip on a yakatabune. Yakatabune are Japanese traditional cruising boats, built with a roof and arranged inside like a traditional Japanese restaurant, with low tables, tatami mats and paper lantern decorations. Exactly like it was during the Shoguns era… well, actually better, because now there’s air conditioning. (^_^)

It is a great opportunity to spend 2 or 3 hours serving a fine meal, “all you can drink” and to admire the landscape… A trip like this usually costs around 10000 yen and you must always reserve in advance.

September 18 2012

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break up with her at dinner they said
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June 18 2012

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Dinner - YouTube birdboxstudio
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December 03 2011

remote dinner
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