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October 02 2012

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Dentist from Indonesia creates musical drill to help ease patients' fears - YouTube

This Indonesian dentist is well aware of the fact that dental drills can be a little bit... err... intimidating. So, he created a drill that, instead of making the typical whirring and buzzing noises a drill makes, plays audio of the patient's favorite songs from an MP3 player. Nothing like a little Gangnam Style to ease the nervousness of having a whizzing metal object shoved into your mouth.

September 17 2012

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Cooking with Power Tools: Cordless Drill applications - YouTube

June 20 2012

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World Record: Longest Drill Bit Drilled Into One's Own Nose - YouTube

May 18 2012

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How to Drill a Square Hole - YouTube

youtube comment: "How am I supposed to masturbate to a square? Come on and give us a sexy circle."
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May 17 2012

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Anti-terrorism drill at Tokyo's Sky Tree - no comment - YouTube
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