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October 21 2012

Syoda Ebisu Restaurant Shinsekai - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Syoda Ebisu Restaurant, Shinsekai, Osaka

If you’re in Osaka and you love Japanese traditional food, besides the mandatory visit to Dotonbori, you should also visit the Shinsekai district. It’s a very colorful place, the restaurants have huge billboards (some of them similar to the ones from Dotonbori) and since we are here very close to the Tsutenkaku Tower, many of the businesses are displaying at least one statue of Biliken, the Japanese God from America.

But Biliken is not the only god featured here, here is one spectacular restaurant billboard representing Ebisu, one of the 7 Lucky Gods, very popular among the people working in the Japanese food industry. The restaurant, Syoda Ebisu, is serving kushi-katsu, a local delicacy for which the Shinsekai is best known: vegetables or pieces of meat (chicken, pork or seafood) skewered on a bamboo stick (kushi) and dipped in flour, eggs and bread crumbs (panko). Very tasty!

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