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June 04 2012

Eurovision 2012 - Scandinavia and the World

So this year's winner is Sweden. He is quite pleased. Just look at his happy little face. ^u^

He fought quite a battle with the Russian grannies, but ended up beating them.

The "screw you" to Norway and Denmark is because Sweden only gave 3 points to Norway and nothing to Denmark.
In the end Norway ended up at the very bottom with only 7 points and Denmark fourth last with 21 points.

The rest can be explained by the acts.
Sweden and the tai chi dance [link]
Russia and the grannies [link] A translation of the song [link]
France and her hunks [link] The official video is much the same, plus gas mask action [link]
Turkey and his man-boat [link]
Greece [link]
Iceland [link]
Norway [link]
Denmark [link]

May 25 2012

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35 Eurovision protesters arrested in Baku - no comment - YouTube

May 23 2012

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Grannies to represent Russia at Eurovision song contest - no comment - YouTube

November 14 2011

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Eurocats - Surfen Multimedia (1996) - Deutsche Vorentscheidung Eurovision - YouTube

Und so, liebe Kinder, stellt sich die CDU dieses Internet vor.
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