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March 01 2013

Grand Front Osaka - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Grand Front Osaka, Kita, Osaka

If you enjoy modern architecture, Osaka is becoming a must-see destination. Besides the brand new tallest building in Japan - Abeno Harukas or the beautiful Umeda Sky Building, many other skyscrapers are currently being built: among them, a whole complex in the Umeda area, called Grand Front Osaka.

In my photo, from left to right, you can see the Grand Front Osaka Block C (174.2 meters), the next two are the Block B North (154 meters) and South Tower (175.2 meters) and the Grand Front Osaka Block A (179.5 meters, the 10th tallest building in Osaka), all planned to be finished this year. The three buildings will house shops, restaurants, hotels, residential areas and offices, will use solar power generation, reclaimed water and will feature green roofs…

July 05 2012

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Green activists protest in front of the EU Commission - no comment - YouTube

June 04 2012

7107 debe
xkcd: Front Door

FYI: I'll be releasing a wolf into a randomly-chosen front yard sometime in the next 30 years. Now your fear is reasonable, and you don't need to feel embarrassed anymore. Problem solved!
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May 21 2012

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Neo nazi members ask journalists to stand in front of leader - no comment - YouTube

no comment...
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March 05 2012

tractor missing a front wheel kludge

February 14 2012

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Baby in front seat died in tragic accident - YouTube nma

February 12 2012

front dark miku hatsune

January 27 2012

front hairstyle fail
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