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November 26 2012

The Glico Man - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Glico Man, Dotonbori, Osaka

One of the best known landmarks of Osaka is the “Glico 300 Meter Running Man", a huge neon sign on a building on the Dotonbori channel, representing an athlete (the Glico Man) running on a blue running track. The sign was first installed in 1935 (the one you see in the photo was installed in 1998) and it is the symbol of the Japanese company Ezaki Glico, well known outside Japan for its Pocky sticks.

The name of the sign intrigued me, it is clearly a running man, but why 300 meters? So I learned that, according to Glico, an average height man (165 cm tall and weighting 55 kg), by eating a Glico-Caramel candy, will receive the energy to run 300 meters…

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