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February 14 2013

Kilometre Zero of Japan's Railways - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Kilometre Zero of the Japanese Railways, Tokyo Station, Tokyo

The marking of the Kilometre Zero is popular in many countries and Japan is no exception. I found two such markers in Japan: one is the KM 0 for the roads, located on the Nihonbashi bridge in Tokyo, the starting place of the Five Routes (Gokaidō) connecting the old Edo to the 5 important provinces.

The second marker, pictured in today’s photo, is the KM 0 for the Japanese Railways: located inside the JR Tokyo Station, the marker can be found on the platform number 20-21 (which is for the Tohoku, Yamagata, Akita, Joetsu and Nagano Shinkansen).

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November 28 2012

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Blizzard sweeps Japan's Hokkaido island - no comment - YouTube
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November 01 2012

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Japan's Cuddle Cafe ソイネ屋~添い寝専門店~ - YouTube nma

July 27 2012

Japan's first Western-style statue - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Omura Masujiro statue, Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo

A lot was written (not to mention the movies) about the samurai who fought against the Meiji Restoration, but there are many interesting characters on the other side too. One of them is Ōmura Masujirō, known as the father of the Modern Japanese Army, whose statue from the Yasukuni Shrine (in the photo) is also the first Western-style statue from Japan.

After modernizing the Meiji military forces, Ōmura Masujirō was appointed to the role of vice-minister of War, but one year after the Meiji Restoration was attacked by 8 samurai, former enemies, and died because of the wounds…

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