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January 08 2013

Japanese Koi and some photo tips - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Japanese Koi

The common carp was domesticated in Japan at the beginning of the 19th century and soon several ornamental varieties were bred. 100 years later, at the beginning of the 20th century, these colored carps, called nishiki-goi - “brocaded carp” - or simply koi ("carp") were already presenting a wide variety of patterns and colors, so after being presented at an expo in Tokyo, the koi became popular all over Japan.

Today, the Japanese koi is popular all over the world, while in Japan it’s almost impossible to find a garden pond without koi. Interestingly, though, koi are still just regular carps: if allowed to breed without control, they will revert to their original, bland color… Even in Japan, I saw some ponds full of koi, where 90% of them where without any interesting color or pattern.

In many gardens there are vending machines selling food for koi and if you want to photograph them, these are good places, because koi are gluttonous, so you can photograph them swarming.

Photo tips:
- In order to capture their beautiful colors, be sure to have with you a polarizing filter. That way you will reduce the water glare and you will be able to see deep into the water (in my photo you can see the coins from the bottom of the pond).
- Use an aperture of at least f/7.1, it will give you sharpness and even better colors and contrast. If you have enough light, it is better to have an even smaller aperture (I usually prefer f/8).
- However, the polarizing filter will severely reduce the amount of light entering the camera, so you will need to increase the exposure. Here’s a trade off: that’s why I took this photo with just f/7.1, the shutter speed was 1/60s, a bit too long for some fast moving koi, and I didn’t want to increase the ISO.

April 02 2012

dollar origami koi
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January 12 2012

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Life-Size Miku Performs Koi Suru VOC@LOID in My House! - YouTube

This is a test of my new life-size projection system that you may have heard of if you sent me a request. I did NO EDITING because this is a test and my system is a WORK IN PROGRESS! It is set up in my living room at my house where a large scrim mesh is suspended across a metal pipe. All videos after my main setlist will be shot on this system (notice the familiar small stage in the background!) and it will change a LOT of things about how my videos are made:
- As a full-horizontal-range-life-size-projection system, it is BIG and it is difficult to get far away shots because it is in my house
- Most camera angles will be full to close up shots, and you will feel like you are right next to Miku!
- There will likely be fog and lights!
- It will feel more like what it is - you are watching a virtual diva perform inside my living room and I made a video of it
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