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August 11 2012

the loan ranger - Cyanide & Happiness #2890

Matt: "I would totally add a whipcrack sound effect if I could."

December 02 2011

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The Student Loan Rap! - YouTube

Do you have student loan debt? Join the club! By some accounts, there is now $1 trillion in student loan debt outstanding. Wow! With all that money spent on higher education, Americans must be the smartest workforce in the world!

But funny enough, graduates are having a hard time paying back all the debt. What gives?

The grand bargain used to be that higher education was a guarantee of higher wages upon graduation. Yet students are finding that's not the case anymore. They've taken on more debt than their meager incomes can support.

Thankfully, President Barack Obama has come to the rescue with several relief measures! Want to find out how you can benefit from these measures? Listen to our Student Loan rap! Everything you need to know is explained in one little tune.

A Next Media Animation / Jayse Wan of Good Lyfe Addikts collabo
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