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July 30 2012

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Mysterious Lotuses Appear in Chinese River - YouTube

July 28 2012

mysterious piss puddle prank

June 03 2012

mysterious puddle of piss prank
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December 16 2011

via Mysterious Apes by *humon on deviantART

Found this old drawing of the most famous mysterious apes around the world that I did some time ago. I haven't had much time to draw this week so I thought I might as well post it.

From left to right:

Skunk Ape
Said to live in southern states of USA. All the mysterious apes are said to smell bad, but non as bad as the Skunk Ape who apparently smells like "a skunk that had a fight with a dumpster".

Big Foot
Probably the most famous of all the mysterious apes. Lives in the northern parts of USA and was first described by the Native Americans.

Orang Pendek
A very short little guy from Sumatra. This one is actually being taken serious by scientists and there's even groups who tries to preserve the areas it is said to live in because it's believed to be an as-of-yet unknown ape species.

The next most famous of the group. Lives in Himalaya and therefore the most mysterious because of the harsh conditions, not to mention it's relationship with monks and old scrolls.

Rather funny looking creature from Australia with a big stomach and long thin legs. The aboriginals were the first to tell stories about it, and while it is said to be pretty shy (and even silly) most of the time, it has attacked more people than the rest of the group.
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