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August 01 2012

Tokyo Opera City and a travel tip - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Tokyo Opera City, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Since the skyscrapers from Nishi-Shinjuku are one of my favorite photography themes, there are just a few not yet presented here… Today, I would like to show you the Tokyo Opera City skyscraper because, while planning my next trip, I just learned that an interesting contemporary art exhibition currently takes place here until September 2: “Beat Takeshi Kitano, Gosse de peintre". One of the most acclaimed actors from Japan, Takeshi Kitano is a complex artist, a film director, actor, screenwriter, poet, singer and painter… If you’re in Tokyo this summer and interested to visit, see more information here.

Returning to the Tokyo Opera City skyscraper, with its 234 meters, this is the third tallest building in Shinjuku and the seventh tallest building in Tokyo. Built in 1997, it has an elegant modernist architecture, as you can see from this picture taken from the Tokyo Metropolitan Building Observatory.

February 12 2012

hatsune miku opera style cosplay

February 06 2012

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