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February 21 2013

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Life of Paw - YouTube 5sf

description guy:
So, um, apparently "Pawsc-Bark Week" isn't good enough, and now the producers want it to be "Pawsc-Bark Wagk"? This is bullshit! All of this is fucking bullshit! Everyone just thought they'd get a dog on a greenscreen, pick a few costumes off the rack and everything would come together? Well it didn't! I'm shutting this down, all of it! Who's in charge of the next 5sf?! Who?!?

December 26 2011

via Cat Litter: I Beg Your Paw Down | Photoshop Disasters

You can see the original on Amazon. Don't be put off by the 3 legged cat we've been told that it works for cats with 4 legs as well.
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December 01 2011

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