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December 30 2012

via China Menaced by Yet More Exploding Toilets | Sankaku Complex

This time, and sadly not for the first time, it is China’s toilets which have been exploding, threatening users with an unpleasant variety of horrible injuries and an ungodly mess.

According to local media reports, a beauty parlour in China’s Shandong province was struck by a series of at least 3 explosions when a member of staff tossed an only partially extinguished cigarette into a toilet at the establishment.

The toilets, which like many in China were of a simple pit construction requiring regular pumping out, promptly exploded.

The explosion is thought to have been caused by gases which had accumulated in the toilet igniting, although a gas leak has also been blamed. Authorities have yet to release an official explanation.

December 24 2012

via China’s “Sexy Santa” Quite An Eyeful… | Sankaku Complex

China’s latest contribution to the year’s festivities comes in the form of a breezy upskirt Santa, and has been causing something of a stir – although those expecting anything so conventional as a sexy girl dressed as Santa may be sadly disappointed…
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November 13 2012


China’s “Star Gate” Ring Roundly Condemned | Sankaku Complex


China’s latest pork-barrel prestige project will reportedly take the form of a giant ring, but so pointless is the project that it soon found itself the butt of mass Photoshop mockery.

Liaoning province’s 157m tall ring will consume 3000 tons of steel in its construction, and use 12,000 LEDs and an undisclosed amount of electricity in its nocturnal illuminations, but otherwise serves no particular purpose.

Plans to allow bungee jumping off it were abandoned as it was decided it was too dangerous even for China.

Amongst Chinese online the sheer pointlessness of the structure has stirred some speculation about possible uses:


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November 08 2012


China Quality Pikachu Truly Terrifying | Sankaku Complex


China quality Pikachu, Naruto, and Avatar statues gracing a Wenzhou anime event have lately been attracting attention – though more for the potential trauma they will likely inflict on the event’s little visitors than their artistic quality…

The images soon spread from Sina Weibo and elsewhere to the wider Chinese Internet:


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October 19 2012


October 16 2012


July 28 2012

via China Menaced by Exploding Soy Sauce | Sankaku Complex

Even China’s best known traditional sauce is exhibiting explosive properties, with diners throughout China now in danger of being unexpectedly seasoned.

A 1.9 litre bottle of soy sauce was found to have exploded in a village dining facility, generously spraying the room with its contents.

The bottle was supposedly only 5 months old and had a shelf life of 18 months, but secondary fermentation had taken place, causing pressure in the bottle to build to explosive levels.

Soy sauce is normally pasteurised after fermentation, sterilising it and stopping further fermentation; this process was apparently omitted or botched in the case of the exploding bottle.

A variety of similar cases have been reported; Chinese media has been stressing the importance of not leaving soy sauce in warm places for long periods of time lest it explode.

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July 22 2012

via Genius: Japan Reduces Radiation with Lead Lined Detectors | Sankaku Complex

Disgust with the morally degenerate and extraordinarily dangerous antics of Japan’s nuclear power industry has reached an even greater pitch with the revelations that their novel approach to reducing the radiation exposure of clean-up workers was to line their radiation detectors with lead.

According to taped conversations provided by whistleblowers, one of the subcontractors Tokyo’s reviled nuclear power monopoly Tepco hired to clean up the fallout from its exploding reactors reduced the radiation exposure of its clean-up workers by making them wear lead-lined dosimeters.

July 13 2012


Koei Accidentally Publishes Wrong Game | Sankaku Complex


Koei has managed the perhaps unprecedented feat of accidentally publishing the wrong game, after it attempted to release a PSP version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII, only to mistakenly place Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII on all the discs.

The title, released on the 12th as part of their “Teiban” classics series, included the wrong game on the UMD but was otherwise correctly marketed as VIII.

Koei have published a suitably formulaic apology, expressing their deep regret for the “great inconvenience” they have caused customers who were expecting the game on the package.

They also promise to replace the game with the right version, and have cancelled all sales of the present special edition whilst they sort out the mess and doubtless assign a few employees to cleaning toilets.

How exactly the mistake came to pass and how it was possible for them not to have picked up on it until the game was on sale has been the subject of much speculation, although it might always be possible games in the series are so similar they did check but didn’t notice…

July 11 2012

via China Menaced by Exploding Refrigerator | Sankaku Complex

An exploding refrigerator which blasted a hole in a brick wall is the latest object to menace China with its unexpected self-destruct functionality.

Chinese news reported the impressive devastation it caused:

The refrigerator was apparently made by LG, a South Korean company, although whether it was actually manufactured in Korea or China is not clear.

June 25 2012

via Police Arrest Man for Eating 7 Cherries | Sankaku Complex

Police have arrested an elderly man for the heinous crime of picking 7 cherries from a tree, charging him with theft in a crime so shocking it was reported in Japan’s major newspapers and on TV.

The 66-year-old man was spotted one afternoon in Yamagata prefecture picking cherries from a tree in a field by a 64-year-old agricultural worker in a neighbouring field.

She called police, who came rushing to the scene. Upon questioning he admitted picking 7 cherries from the tree, worth a total of ¥200, and was promptly arrested for theft.

He claimed he “ate them because I was hungry.” The 69-year-old owner of the field says that “this year was a poor harvest, so each cherry is precious, but it’s also quite sad if he did this because he was hungry.”

Online there is some debate as to which is more amazing – that police went to the trouble of arresting him, that a crime of this scope found its way into the national media, that they felt the need to report his name (curiously recent cases of shoplifting teachers and police escaped this honour), or that 7 cherries cost all of ¥200.

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via Narutards Despair: Naruto “Will End Soon” | Sankaku Complex

Naruto mangaka Masashi Kishimoto has revealed that Naruto is swiftly headed to its conclusion, much to the despair of fans and publishers alike.


In a recent interview with Asahi, he said that Naruto is “building towards a climax,” that its ending is already determined, and that “all that is left is a dash up to the ending.”

Just how long this “dash” to the ending will take is of course of crucial importance given the notoriously glacial pace of shonen battle manga, but on that point he is silent.

Naruto fans have misgivings, although unlike Bleach there is not much doubt that an end is in sight:

“I’m glad he is going to conclude it cleanly, but I’ll be sad to see it end.”

“I’m curious as to how it will end.”

“What’ll we do without Naruto?”

“Wait for Kishimoto’s next work please. I’d like another Naruto type battle manga, but it’ll probably be something different.”

“He can always put out the odd Naruto gaiden if he feels like making some cash.”

“He says he started off with Naruto, an orphan character people could feel sorry for… what about Sasuke, Iruka, Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, Sai, Orocihmaru, Kabuto, Sasori, [...], do something for them too! There are mountains of orphans in this work…”

“What about poor Yamato, a human experiment, do something for him!”

“I guess his thinking really changed after he became a father.”

“He talks about how he wanted to depict ‘bonds’ after he got married and became a father.

That would have been just before the skip, at around volume 20?

So for the next ten years he was showing Pain’s invasion and the many trials of Kyuubi training, how interesting…”

June 24 2012

via Mainstream Miku: 54% of Schoolgirls “Like Vocaloids” | Sankaku Complex

Surveys reveal Hatsune Miku’s popularity now extends well outside the creepy otaku fringe which brought her to stardom – 54% of Japanese schoolgirls reported liking Vocaloid music and 92.5% had at least heard of the virtual diva.

According to the results of a recent survey of over 3,000 Japanese schoolgirls (why only schoolgirls were targeted is perhaps best left to the imagination) in middle and high school, Vocaloid popularity amongst them is at all time high.


No less than 70.7% of JCs were familiar with Vocaloid tunes, and a further 61.3% of JKs knew of them too. On top of that, a further 26.7% had at least heard of Miku and company, leaving a tiny 7.5% who had apparently spent too much time studying or dating salarymen to hear of them.

54% of the JCs and 44% of the JKs “liked” or “really liked” their music, and many of their fans did not just listen to their music – 60% sang along to Vocaloid karaoke, and 19.2% spent time drawing them.

June 22 2012


Police Hunt Man for Standing at Station | Sankaku Complex

Police are hunting a suspicious man spotted standing at the same platform as a group of schoolgirls.

Okayama police’s advisory service warns of an incident in which 3 high school girls were waiting for a train one evening, when they noticed a man stood at the same station.

He is described as being young, perhaps a middle or high schooler himself, and approximately 170cm tall and wearing glasses, a black short-sleeved top and black shorts.

June 15 2012


China Menaced by Exploding China | Sankaku Complex

A man has had his fingers blown off by an exploding “China” brand cigarette, providing the latest evidence of the explosive growth in Chinese product quality.


The Zhejiang province grocer lit up only to have the cigarette explode in his fingers.

Pictures show the man hospitalised with severe injuries to his fingers, with some reports saying his fingers were “blown off” by the force of the explosion.


As a supposed luxury brand, just how the cigarettes attained their explosive properties is not known (similar incidents with cheaper brands now scarcely warrant mention). Authorities are said to be investigating.

June 12 2012


June 07 2012

via AKB48 “Simply Garbage” | Sankaku Complex

The pitiful sight of thousands of AKB48 CDs discarded as rubbish after creepy otaku fans have extracted the all-important voting and handshaking event tickets has finally answered the question of where they all end up, and perhaps shed some light on their musical value.
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June 04 2012


April 23 2012

MFC - via China’s Fake Brands More Outrageous Than Ever | Sankaku Complex

"MFC - Motherfucking Chicken"
"Chicken on a motherfucking plane!"
"more like, mao's fried chicken"
"MLFC woulda been awesome!"
"Sounds like a restaurant named after the quotes of Samuel L. Jackson.."
"In that case, it should be named GTMFCOMMFP: Get this Mother Fucking Chicken Off My Mother Fucking Plane!"
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