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September 20 2012

stop eating animals without steak sauce
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July 28 2012

via China Menaced by Exploding Soy Sauce | Sankaku Complex

Even China’s best known traditional sauce is exhibiting explosive properties, with diners throughout China now in danger of being unexpectedly seasoned.

A 1.9 litre bottle of soy sauce was found to have exploded in a village dining facility, generously spraying the room with its contents.

The bottle was supposedly only 5 months old and had a shelf life of 18 months, but secondary fermentation had taken place, causing pressure in the bottle to build to explosive levels.

Soy sauce is normally pasteurised after fermentation, sterilising it and stopping further fermentation; this process was apparently omitted or botched in the case of the exploding bottle.

A variety of similar cases have been reported; Chinese media has been stressing the importance of not leaving soy sauce in warm places for long periods of time lest it explode.

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July 11 2012

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50 Shades of Grey provokes brown sauce attack - YouTube nma wtf

April 04 2012

soy sauce description
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February 03 2012

anus hot sauce
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December 03 2011

mcrip only sauce
Tags: mcrip only sauce
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November 18 2011

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Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube
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