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December 01 2012

Shinjuku Southern Terrace Winter Illumination - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Shinjuku Southern Terrace Winter Illumination, Tokyo

My favorite time of the year begins today, the season of winter lights. Actually, in Japan this season starts a bit earlier, in mid-November… I have in Tokyo a few favorite places, with lovely winter illuminations, where during the last years I returned, regardless of the chilly weather, armed with a tripod for a session of night time and long exposure photography.

Here is a photo taken on the Shinjuku Southern Terrace, with the trees lining the alley covered by bright blue lights…

Travel tip: The lights are on until January 31, 2013, between 5PM and 10PM…

October 17 2012

Shinjuku Green Peas Pachinko - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Green Peas Pachinko, Shinjuku, Tokyo

It is well known that the Japanese people are passionate gamers and gamblers, the most popular game is pachinko. In a pachinko parlor you will see people of all ages and conditions and, surprisingly, a lot of women. I was amazed to learn that, according to an official statistic from 2009, 1.6% of all Japanese women are compulsive gamblers…

With such a huge mainstream popularity, it’s only natural that the pachinko parlors can be found literally everywhere in Japan, many of them having buildings designed to draw attention. Here is one of the best known of them, the Green Peas Pachinko from Shinjuku, Tokyo.

September 17 2012

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shinjuku robot restaurant - 新宿ロボットレストラン - YouTube wtf japan seriously

August 21 2012

Orange trains in Shinjuku - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Shinjuku station, Tokyo

As you probably know, the Japanese train lines are color-coded. I like very much to play while photographing trains and on the day I took this picture I was in the JR Shinjuku Station, looking for colors. I was on the platform, near the Tobu Railway orange-colored Spacia limited-express (the train on the left) and I wanted to take a picture with the JR’s orange line, the Chuo Rapid (on the right)… Well, what do you know! The shop was also orange… (^_^)
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