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December 19 2012

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How To Start a Fire With a Water Bottle - YouTube grantthompson
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December 12 2012


August 19 2012

instant start - gif
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July 11 2012

collective bike start fail - gif
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April 14 2012

fail start applaud - gif
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April 13 2012

mud start vs tents
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March 28 2012

some days start better than others
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February 01 2012

via Good Start by *humon on deviantART

Posh had to be put down because of illness (and it didn't work out with the lady cat I had over for a week or so), so I bought a new cat at the cat shelter. When I got there they asked what kind of cat I was looking for and I said, "An indoor cat that isn't aggressive with other cats, because the one I have at home is very gentle and he gets confused when other cats hiss at him"
"Then I have just the cat for you" the woman said and showed me Yankee.

I've always said that Ranger was extraordinary gentle with other cats, but he is nothing compared to Yankee. They weren't lying at the shelter when they said he was one of a kind. When I got Yankee home and let him out of the cat carrier he walked straight over to Ranger and pushed his head up against Ranger's in the classic cat-hello, licked him between the eyes and walked into the living room. Ranger gave me the most confused look I have ever seen on a cat. :XD:

Already the day after they were licking each other's fur and doing their first attempts at playing, though Ranger still thinks they should take it a bit slow. So far so good. :D
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December 02 2011

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