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November 01 2012

taco cannon kludge

Yes, you read that right. Torchy's Tacos, a taco joint in Austin, TX, has created a giant taco-shooting cannon which uses pressurized CO2 to shoot tacos at hungry customers. It has enough barrels to simultaneously shoot 12 tacos at once. Torchy's created the cannon for the annual Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin. Because with something like this, it's worth repeating three times (or 12 times, for that matter!). Watch the cannon in action here!
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October 20 2012

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Dick Figures - Taco Dienstag - YouTube germondo

October 12 2012

taco bell beef
Tags: taco bell beef
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April 17 2012

TACO DEL MAR: GNARLY SKILLS via PSD: Photoshop Disasters

Obviously, there are many liberties being taken with various Photoshop tools to create a very poor illusion of more surfers than actually exist.

January 17 2012

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Candy Taco Night - Epic Meal Time - YouTube

How high were you guys in this video?

December 30 2011

taco bout it
Tags: taco bout it
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