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August 10 2012

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Taiwan Weather Girls: Ready for Japan debut - YouTube wgs nma

Remember back when we told you the Weather Girls stopping reporting on weather and were off to a secret lab in a secret land conducting a secret mission? And we promised we would tell you all the exciting details when the secret project is... well, no longer a secret? Ladies and gents, the day has come. Today, we're announcing that Next Media's own Weather Girls are getting ready for their superstar debut in Japan.

Featuring Yumi, Mini, Hijon, Esse, Dara, Mia and Nue Nue, the seven ladies made their first apparence as a superstar group today at the annual "a-nation 2012" summer festival in Tokyo. Their first single, "Love's Weather Report", will be released in October.

We bet you miss the Weather Girls as much as we do. Share this vid and share the love!
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June 12 2012

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one of the worst woman drivers  in Taiwan !!ДТП автокатастрофе авари - YouTube
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January 13 2012

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Taiwan Garbage Collection - YouTube
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