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August 20 2012

Takadanobaba Astro Boy - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Astro Boy mural painting, Takadanobaba, Tokyo

The story from the Astro Boy manga created by Osamu Tezuka is set in what was then the future, the year 2003. In the manga, Dr. Tenma, who was working in the Tokyo’s neighborhood of Takadanobaba, creates Astro Boy, an invincible robot, after his son dies in a car accident.

So, for the fans, Takadanobaba became the birthplace of Astro Boy and since the anniversary of its birthday, in 2003, the Japan Rail Station Takadanobaba uses the theme song from the Astro Boy anime as a train departure signal. And right near the station’s Mejiro exit, there are two superb mural paintings with characters from Osamu Tezuka’s manga…

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July 02 2012

Big Box Takadanobaba night view -  via A Japan Photo per Day -

Big Box, Takadanobaba, Tokyo

The Takadanobaba neighborhood is renowned in Tokyo for its ramen restaurants and inexpensive izakaya, frequented by the many students accommodated in the area.

When you come to Takadanobaba, the first thing you will notice is the huge Big Box, a commercial building looking exactly like the name suggests: a 9-story tall box, beautifully lit at night time. I stayed in Takadanobaba for almost two weeks, so I visited it as soon as I arrived: shops, restaurants, bowling and gaming arcades… But what’s nice is that in the evening, there’s always a large crowd of students meeting in the small park in front of it. It reminded me of my student days…

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