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August 21 2012

Orange trains in Shinjuku - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Shinjuku station, Tokyo

As you probably know, the Japanese train lines are color-coded. I like very much to play while photographing trains and on the day I took this picture I was in the JR Shinjuku Station, looking for colors. I was on the platform, near the Tobu Railway orange-colored Spacia limited-express (the train on the left) and I wanted to take a picture with the JR’s orange line, the Chuo Rapid (on the right)… Well, what do you know! The shop was also orange… (^_^)

July 09 2012

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Crazy Man Yells At Trucks And Trains - the worst of YouTube
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July 06 2012

trains close enough - gif
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June 26 2012

everyone watching forward - anime trains
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March 08 2012


February 07 2012

safe road trains for the environment
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February 01 2012

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seriously close trains - YouTube

November 09 2011

via Brave Train Driver Proves China’s Trains “Best in the World” | Sankaku Complex

China’s high speed rail network is the best in the world, with trains capable of safely driving themselves – or so it is hoped, after one shocked Chinese passenger discovered the driver was asleep at the wheel, whilst the train hurtled through the night at 195kph.

The train was en route to Fujian province when a 25-year-old female passenger noticed the driver had left the door to his cabin open as his air conditioning was broken.

To her horror she realised he was sound asleep, and so she naturally took photos of him and uploaded them to a Chinese not-Twitter service.


Coming only a few months after 240 people were killed in a high speed rail accident the government literally attempted to bury, an uproar soon ensued – although not without some wag observing that “this brave driver has proven beyond doubt that China’s high speed rail technology is the best in the world!”
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