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January 12 2012

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Life-Size Miku Performs Koi Suru VOC@LOID in My House! - YouTube

This is a test of my new life-size projection system that you may have heard of if you sent me a request. I did NO EDITING because this is a test and my system is a WORK IN PROGRESS! It is set up in my living room at my house where a large scrim mesh is suspended across a metal pipe. All videos after my main setlist will be shot on this system (notice the familiar small stage in the background!) and it will change a LOT of things about how my videos are made:
- As a full-horizontal-range-life-size-projection system, it is BIG and it is difficult to get far away shots because it is in my house
- Most camera angles will be full to close up shots, and you will feel like you are right next to Miku!
- There will likely be fog and lights!
- It will feel more like what it is - you are watching a virtual diva perform inside my living room and I made a video of it

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