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February 17 2013

The Bridge from the Rurouni Kenshin movie - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Bikan Historical Quarter, Kurashiki, Okayama

The merchant neighborhood from Kurashiki, Okayama, known as the Bikan Historical Quarter, is one of the places in Japan where time seems to have stopped, the whole area still looking like at the end of the Edo period. To preserve this feeling, not even electric poles were installed and only a few shops with modern merchandise reminds you that you’re actually in the 21st century.

In such a wonderful setting, if you film carefully, you can make a beautiful historical scene. And that’s exactly what has been done for the recent Rurouni Kenshin movie, the most recent adaptation of the manga created by Nobuhiro Watsuki. If you already saw the movie, you probably remember the scene of the fight between Kenshin and Sanosuke, on the bridge near the Akabeko restaurant. That was filmed in the Kurashiki Historical Quarter and the bridge is the one in this photo…

December 03 2012

pedestrian bridge fail
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November 30 2012

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Arakawa Under the Bridge - Movie Trailer - YouTube wtf japan seriously

October 28 2012

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The Toughest Bridge In The World - YouTube - undefeatable bridge
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October 24 2012

inflateable bridge in paris france

August 24 2012

Rainbow Bridge by night - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo

Although it is called the Rainbow Bridge, the bridge connecting the northern shores of Tokyo Bay with the Odaiba island is, during the day, white colored - the painting was carefully selected to harmonize with the surrounding environment. But by night, this solar powered bridge is indeed lit like a rainbow… Seen from a side, the predominant color is a dazzling green, but if you cross the bridge, you will see the supporting wires colored in red, white and green.

The lighting was designed by one of Japan’s most famous designers, Motoko Ishii, who also designed the lights for Tokyo Tower, Senso-ji Temple, Tokyo Station, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower and Yebisu Garden Place.

August 04 2012

hit this sign and you'll hit that bridge
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July 19 2012

lego bridge painting art
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July 02 2012

roll-up bridge
Tags: roll-up bridge
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June 19 2012

giant penis on lift bridge
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June 14 2012

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Amnesiac Bridge Troll - YouTube

June 03 2012

road sign bridge bird problem

May 19 2012

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The bridge on the Island Russian  Мост на Остров Русский /  - YouTube

He brought his balls on the backpack
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April 17 2012

burning bridge spraypainting
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April 16 2012

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cat using a little bridge - avoiding water on it - Bardzo ostrożny kot - YouTube

March 12 2012

down the bridge perspective
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March 11 2012

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Final Destination 5. Visual Effects of Death: Collapsing Bridge (Special Feature) Full HD 1080p - YouTube
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March 02 2012

4714 f62d 600
car on thin bridge
Tags: car on thin bridge
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February 29 2012


Chinese Thieves Steal Bridge | Sankaku Complex

Thieves who stole a 17.5m long stone bridge one night have finally been arrested, although they sold the bridge on before it could be recovered.

In November, villagers in the environs of Shanghai reported that the Fengle bridge, a historic 17.5m long stone bridge built in 1907, had disappeared, leaving only two supports standing.

Police eventually solved the mystery when they received a report from someone who had witnessed them dismantling the bridge in September, and had taken down their truck’s registration details.

After tracing the truck’s owner, they were told it had been loaned to the thieves, allowing police to effect the arrest of the two men responsible.

The local police chief says they admit making off with the bridge by cover of night:

“The two men confessed that they used two cranes and two trucks that night to lift and remove the 16 stone pieces that formed the floor of the bridge.”

The stone remains of the bridge were subsequently sold in another province, with the thieves having been paid some 30,000 yuan ($4,700) by a trader to make off with the structure.

A local museum official comments that the area only has 20 bridges left, of the 100 counted a century ago – roads, ruin and theft are cited as causes of this decline. Plans are afoot to rebuild the stolen structure.


They'll be caught when the bridge explodes
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February 20 2012

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Bridge Over Troubled Water:Carrot Slide Whistle - YouTube heita3
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