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October 20 2012

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2010 Illinois State Fair Hog Calling Contest - The Worst of YouTube

February 24 2012

calling teacher muggle
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February 16 2012

banned from biblocality for calling jesus a nigger
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January 20 2012


Police Hunt Man for Calling Schoolgirl “Cute” | Sankaku Complex

Police have warned the public about a man who called a schoolgirl cute.

The incident occurred at 11:20AM in the Osaka suburb of Izumisano, when a passing middle-school girl encountered a stranger in the street who told her she looked “cute.”

The miscreant is described as being in his twenties, wearing a black jumper and of light build.

As always, police advice schoolgirls to carry an alarm and sound it if they encounter any suspicious person.

Whilst previous incidents have included such gems as men being reported to police for walking in the street or asking for directions, online there is some suspicion about the motives of a man who approaches random schoolgirls in order to comment on how adorable they are....
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