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December 01 2012

crab walk fetish - 4chan
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August 28 2012

Kani Doraku Crab - via A Japan Photo per Day -

Kani Doraku Crab, Dotonbori, Osaka

Many of the restaurants lining the Dōtonbori street from Namba, Osaka, are drawing attention with extravagant billboards and signs. The one that started this trend is Kani Doraku, a crab restaurant, of course - back in 1960, they had the idea of installing this monstrous, 6-meters mechanized crab (which also moves its legs). The idea caught on and today there’s an invasion of giant 3D crabs, octopuses or dragons, much to the visitors’ delight…

July 27 2012


November 09 2011

crab nicholson extreme sleepover
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