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November 29 2012

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Glenn Beck's "Obama in Pee Pee" pisses off eBay - YouTube nma

September 21 2012


Echtes Brötchen aus 80er Jahre DDR Osten Luftgetrocknet Kross | eBay

Sie bieten hier auf ein Brötchen aus den Achtzigern anfang Neunziger! Bei umbaumaßnamen einer ehemaligen verkaufshalle aus DDR Zeiten wurde dieses Brötchen gefunden, diese verkaufshalle ist seit über 20 Jahren geschlossen und in der Zwischenzeit war dort keiner drin!!!! Daher kann es nur aus dieser zeit sein.

Artikelmerkmale: knackig, Kross, goldbraun, von Holzwürmern angenagt.

February 07 2012


Moby Dick typed on toilet paper | eBay


  My friend and I once joked that toilet paper should have instructions printed on them for certain people.
One day, the conversation grew from there and turned into a wager that i couldn't (or wouldn't) be able to type out a novel on toilet paper.

Yes, we did have some time on our hands but, as you can see from the photos, I won the bet.

There are four full rolls, one roll (epilogue) is about 1/5 of a roll and one half-roll
All of the rolls of TP came out of a brand new -- clean -- package of 2-ply Cottonelle.
They've been handled very gingerly and infrequently.

As you'll see in the following photos, one or two rolls have a tear at the beginning.
This is where i was trying to pull the paper through the typewriter.

I've kept this mod oddity in a box in a cool, dry place for the last 10 years
and have only broken it out to prove to doubters that I actually did it.

Considering what it's been through, it's in amazing condition.

I will ship these securely in a plastic storage bin with plenty of padding so it won't be damaged during shipping.

January 13 2012

europe puts greece on ebay - steve jobs unveils iGhost
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November 17 2011


Leichen Kühlschrank | eBay

wollte ich schon immer mal haben..... NICHT.
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