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July 13 2012

fear rage coffee - courage wolf
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January 19 2012

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Richard Garriott's Apogee of Fear - YouTube

January 15 2012

via Fear the White Dress by *humon on deviantART

I can't sleep, so enjoy my late night drawing.

The man is inspired by this music video [link]
The white girl inspired by this video [link] (Yes, I've linked to it before)
The black girl is from a horror book I read when I was a teenager. Sadly I no longer remember what it was called, but the description of her have hunted me for years.

I had a bizarre nightmare involving these guys a few nights ago. The man is more funny than scary now, but in my dream he was horrifying. ^^;

December 03 2011

via Trans Fear - Scandinavia and the World

England later kicked all of their asses, but that's besides the joke.

Scotland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark share a lot of history, which is why they share a lot of words in their languages, and a lot of the old myths are the same as well.

They also all did some things that the English considered rather feminine. Of course there's the kilt (which is even an old Scandinavian word) which the English confused with a skirt, and the vikings were obsessed with combing and braiding their hair, not to mention being clean. They washed their faces every day and their entire body once a week. Doesn't seem like much to us today, but to the English it was weird (Not that the vikings washed that often, but that they did it at all).

by Humon
3rd 12 2011
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