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February 14 2013

scandinavian country flags compared
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August 12 2012

lol flags gone wrong
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February 10 2012

food flags
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January 29 2012

via Sexuality Flags by *humon on deviantART

A very quick one to just get the idea out of my system. Some of the flags aren't really official for the sexuality, so I decided to just use the most widespread.

When I found out that most sexualities have flags I thought, "Hm, I'm hetero. What does my flag look like?" I looked it up, and what do I get? Prison stripes!?
I always thought the heterosexual flag was the most boring thing ever compared to the others. There are a few different versions, but they're all supposed to "take the color out of the rainbow flag". No wonder it hasn't caught on. :XD:

EDIT: I know transsexual isn't a sexuality as such, but I also know that I would have a lot of people yelling at me if it wasn't there.
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